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From newbies to expert SEO professionals, everyone is looking for the efficient Search Engine Optimization tools that can improve website ranking and drive maximum traffic to their website. Optimizing the necessities of the website with the implementation of the SEO tools can improve your online presence since it increases your content’s authenticity so that search engine picks up your keywords.

Do you know which tool can be your best friend? Small SEO tools is the name of the excellence that can provide you a complete SEO suit under one roof. It comes with a plenty of tools that can help you in your SEO performance. It assures you that your content must be unique and searchable. Learn more how SmallSEOTools can help you.

About SmallSEOTools

It is a website that is designed to support web owners and developers. All the tools in the websites are ideal to help in creating premium content online as well as it enables all the users to optimize their content and web pages. In this way, SEO professionals can publish well-searched and standard content online.

The entrepreneur, Tausif Akram has established this site in 2010 with the mission to develop free SEO tools that are very easy to access online for all the users. You can get a plenty of tools here to solve your problems such as broken links, low traffic incidence, plagiarism, reverse image search and many more. In this way, users can optimize their content as per the Google algorithm.  

In fact, it is important to focus on utilizing the vital tools that can improve your online presence, optimize your content, submit your web pages on directories, help in better headers, keywords and linking. Yes, SmallSEOtools is doing the same for you as it increases search results.

We all know that SEO increases your business recognition in the local market and it supports business to stand out in the search results so that your web pages with get maximum traffic. Therefore, you need to boost your SEO. To drive more and more traffic to your website, every SEO team, freelancers and bloggers need to monitor their sites. Under one roof, you will get a lot of tools. In this way, you will save your time and money.

This comprehensive SEO tools suit contains move than forty tools that includes keyword search, site management, rank tracking, client acquisition, reporting, SEO analysis and many more. Moreover, it is an easy-to-use tool set that can help its new and expert users to work without any training. Yes, you can perform like a pro from the first time. There is no need to go for any technical knowledge to use these tools. In this way, you will be able to achieve your goal quickly.

This all-inclusive suit allows you to develop more operative SEO techniques and give more analytic insights. In this site, they have distributed tools in different categories. Each category contains a variety of tools. All these tools are helpful to achieve better ranking in SERP. Some of the important tools that can help you in improving your SEO are here.

Plagiarism Checker

As per the recent Google algorithm, it is important to produce unique content for bloggers. Search engine does not index your site, if it contains plagiarized material. Therefore, you can use the plagiarism checker of SmallSEOTools to check the copied text in your content. It highlights copied paragraphs, phrases and sentences. Among, bloggers, students, freelancers and other content writers, this is a famous tool. Even, large enterprises use this tool to identify plagiarism. It is very easy and simple to use this tool without any hassle. Moreover, it offers unlimited searches 24/7 without any charges.

Reverse Image search

If there is any match sentence, you will come to know to remove these sentences. What if you have copied text? It is simple because you can use Reverse image tool to check the plagiarism of the pictures, images and photos. The Reverse Image Search is a free tool that is used to search images online. It works better than Google Image. This tool is used to search images without the help of any keyword. For the users it is very simple to search in just a click. It allows you to check the unlimited images for unlimited time.

By running the image search or the particular picture, user will get the result and you will know the details of the account instantly. With the help of the Reverse Image, you can know about the resolution of the images. It will inform you that these images are of high quality and can be used on your entire device’s laptops, desktop screen, tablets, mobile devices and PC screen.

You will find this, one of the best search engines for the reverse image search. It is on top of every search engine currently. It works more efficiently and accurately.

Keyword Tools

For all the SEO professionals and webmasters, the use of the efficient, powerful and free keyword tools is essential. It provides them a thorough analysis and keyword search. SmallSEOTools does not offer a single tool to search keywords but it provides a set of tools under this category such as keyword position, keyword research tool, keywords suggestion tools, keywords density tool, keywords rich domain suggestion tool, Longtail keyword suggestion tool, related keywords finder, keyword competition tool, keyword difficulty checker, keyword overview tool, Live keyword analyzer and others. Now, you can optimize your content with the appropriate and solid keywords as well make your SEO much better.

Backlink tools

All SEO professionals know the significance of backlinks in their content as per the Google algorithm. Therefore, you can a lot of tools in this backlink tools category. A set of back link analysis tool is there to offer you a comprehensive inside view of your profile of links. In this list you can get broken backlink checker, website link analyzer tool, reciprocal link checker, link price calculator, website broken link checker, website link count checker, backlink maker, and many other. In this way, you can maximize the potential traffic that goes into your website. In this way, you can deny nefarious or spammy links.

Domain Authority

Under this category, you will get a big range of domain related tools to find out expired domain, DNS records, domain authority, domain age and many more. This list of tool includes Index pages checker, bulk domain rating checker, find expired domains, check blacklist IP, domain to IP, Domain Name search, Find DNS records, domain hosting checker, domain IP lookup, domain authority checker, domain age checker and others.

Domain registrationcan be done with the help of the authentic registry system. It plays a vital role because Google checks the date of domain when it is registered and starts crawling. It examines how many links are established with other sites. In the internet world, it is not easy to attain all these relevance and authority. With the help of the Free domain age check, you can check unlimited URLs. It allows you to improve your ranking on the search engine.

Online PDF tools

As we have mentioned above that Smallseotools, does not offer tools for SEO professionals only. All the users can get benefits from the website. The online PDF tools category offers you ease to work with PDF files at your finger-tips. Now, you can convert PDFs, watermark, lock, unlock, rotate or merge with just a few clicks. The list of the tools includes excel to PDF, compress PDF, PowerPoint to PDF, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG, Word to PDF, PDF to Word, watermark, lock PDF, unlock PDF, rotate PDF, and merge PDF. All these tools are efficient and maintain the quality of the image. It allows you to view the files in your given format. The free tools allow you to convert unlimited documents unlimited time. Your converter will handle this task accurately and quickly. It is a great feature for all the users.

Pros and cons of using SmallSEOtools

We all know that this SEO suit comes with a variety of features and benefits, it is vital equally to list down the pros and cons of using it. No doubt, this is a set of tools that offers plenty of tools under one roof.

All the tools are freeContains a bulk of aids
Easy to access for all the users 
Supports in SEO maximization 
Helps in SEM optimization 
Offers legitimate SEO tools 


SmallSEOtools is a worth-using site that offers plenty of tools to improve your Webpage’s SERP scores. For all the users, it is a free-to-use website. Moreover, you will enjoy several benefits if you use this comprehensive set of tools. All its tools are not limited to only a single type of user. These are excellent for all users, freelancers, and big enterprises too. Get more visibility on the search results with the use of these comprehensive tools.

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