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In this era of the digital century, anything can be found on the internet. Such as clothes, devices, books and all the other needs of human being are not so far from access. Just do a single click on your screen and get the desired item at your doorstep. Now online schooling is also being popular all over the world due to the current pandemic situation around the world.

Let me introduce you to the MIS webmail (an online learning system) that is launched in Australia. In Queen’s Land students are getting free online education with the help of the MIS webmail. The system offers many other courses too that are also free of cost.

The students get free education and also do certified short courses according to their preference. The main purpose of the MIS system is to provide free education and enable all the youngsters to learn skills and consume their time in doing useful activities at their homes. The government of Australia takes the responsibility of their young generation and wants to educate their youngsters without any personal benefits.

There are many different schemes of education in different states of the country but in Queen’s Land, webmail is the most common and efficient platform for getting a free education these days. The Managed Internet Service is managed by the administrative services of Australia.

The administration is responsible for all the tasks related to the webmail. Anyone can get help for their children even the private schools can also take advantage of webmail. Everyone has equal rights and authority to access the MIS webmail.

MIS Webmail System:

MIS is short term for managed internet service webmail. It is a system of providing free education to all the students, especially in queen’s land Australia. The main purpose is to increase the literacy rate of the state and the government took the step of giving free education to their students. The government assigns all the responsibilities related to the MIS webmail to the administration.

 The administration is allowed to make decisions regarding their educational issues and control the major and minor issues of MIS webmail. The students can get all the news, results, and updates of new courses that are being offered on webmail. The government is responsible for funding the educational expenses of the students. All the students have equal rights to get an education without any hurdle and expenses.

The managed Internet Service webmail is a platform that provides training, lectures, and all the curriculum support to their students without any fee. The program of managed internet service webmail has been started in 1850 and the government announced openly to take all the responsibility of expenses.

Gradually the system of webmail was established in south wales in 1859 and the government make some changes in the law and renew the whole system of education in 1875. The primary education is free and all the additional services like extra books, pictures, and other educational accessories may be charged. All the effort is to make facilitate the citizen and their kids so they can get basic education free of cost.

EQ Webmail:

EQ webmail stands for education Queen’s Land webmail. EQ Webmail is the name of the website established by the Australian government. If we look back at the history of EQ Webmail, we can see that it was established in 1850 by Warwick.

EQ webmail (Education Queensland) provides data and resources for small-scale entrepreneurs or companies, as well as seminars on how to create websites for their small businesses. 

You can use technology, service, and tools to make new and unique platforms for your own company. People in Queensland State need free education, so the Australian government stepped in and created a platform through which hardworking students can get lectures, training, and other facilities.

There are two necessary conditions here: first, this method is free for all, and second, it offers online education. Primary education is free for everyone in the EQ Webmail system, but some fee can be charged for additional support such as textbooks, school photographs, and magazines, along with other things.

Support of MIS webmail:

First of all, The MIS webmail is available for everyone but in case if anyone faces some errors and issues to make an account then the student can contact officially to the department of education. All the details will be mentioned there that you need to contact the administration. The team will listen to your problem and give you a better solution to your problem. You can also contact the administration through email.

Working of MIS webmail:

We’ll show you how to use the MIS webmail framework in the simplest form. For the mailing of Managed Internet Service Webmail, the management of the MIS webmail uses the same method. The administration provides a unique email and password to every student on the webmail. The student can log in to the official site by putting their email address. The unique email will help to identify the student. Communication between administration and students will be easy through email.

The parents can also create an email address for themselves and login through their personal I’d. The parents have to create their email and the administration will save it on their side for your identification. It is the simplest way of logging in as you just need a password and email. You can enter both on the webpage that will be in front of you when you open the site. The most important thing is an email address. Always remember your email address because without an email you would not be open your account.

How a user can log in to the MIS webmail?

You will be able to successfully login by following a few quick and fast steps that you must follow with concentration. You will now be logging in to MIS webmail if you carefully follow these directions (Managed Internet service).

  • First of all, visit the official website. For visiting the official website click on the link below
  • Secondly, write down your email address/username with your password on the webpage.
  • If you do not know the email address and password then you can log in through a google account or Microsoft account but you must know the password of your accounts. It is the most important thing to remember.
  • The other option is you can log in through Queen’s Land Government account too.
  • After that accept all the conditions and click on the continue button.
  • MIS webmail will send you the confirmation code on your mobile phone. Enter that code on the webpage for confirmation.

How we can reset the LUI password (Learner unique identifier)?

You must remember your password that you give on the official accounts. If you are learning and getting an online education then you should remember your password otherwise you may face some problems in the future. In case you lost your password and login details then you can recover your account by following the terms

  • You can recover your account by providing your date of birth and address.
  • The second option is to reset all the details again and make a new account.
  • You have to visit the official website by clicking the link that is provided above. On the webpage, you can use your date of birth as your password too. If it does not work then enter the user name and click on the “forget password”.
  • The new password can be recovered and send to you on your phone or email address. It is up to the user either he select the OTP code that will come on the mobile phone or email address.

Uses of MIS webmail

There are many uses of MIS webmail. Some uses are mentioned below

  • The main purpose of this personalized email is to deliver the message.
  • Another major advantage of this MIS webmail is that the user can be identified by his or her email address. The sender of the email is known to the whole company, which is necessary at times.
  • Things are a lot easier here because everybody knows who is sending emails. This provides a sense of unity and improved communication between students and the MIS webmail administration.
  • The MIS webmail helps to speed up communication. Un-relevant emails cannot get a response as early as relevant email gets from webmail.


The MIS webmail is a platform that is facilitating students through free online education and trying to make their future bright. The best thing the Queensland government has done for the people is the MIS webmail. Now Lectures, books, texts, and a variety of other materials are easily available. The online system is very efficient; it covers all of Queensland, Australia’s schools. Furthermore, We are sure that all of the confusions have been resolved; there were issues such as creating a new account, the identification procedure, resetting a forgotten password, and the past of Queensland and MIS webmail, all of which we discussed in detail and tried to resolve using simple methods.

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