Engagement Ring Trend Predictions 2021

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In this article, you will find detailed predictions of engagement ring trends that we feel would hit the market in 2021. If your wedding is approaching and you plan to get a ring for your better half, you should surely read this post before making your purchase. You surely don’t want to give your lady/man an engagement ring which is no longer in trend and fashion these days. You must be creative when it comes to ring shopping, and therefore, we would recommend you follow the predicted trends discussed in this article.

Trends predictions for engagement rings in 2021

Here we have predicted some of the engagement rings that you would see in 2021:

Unique rings with personal details

We just came out from a year full of uncertainty and pandemic situations. We don’t know how 2021 would be, but we surely know that couples today consider each detail related to their marriage and relationship while selecting an engagement ring. We have seen couples spending an immense amount of time personalizing the rings with different ideas and interesting instructions. So customized rings are among the leading trends that we feel like you guys would see this year. The rings might have hidden messages that only the partner would know about. We feel like this trend is secretly romantic.

Band style engagement rings

Well, this is another trend that we are predicting that you might see in the coming months. This is not a new trend. Rather, most European countries follow the tradition of giving eternity and wedding bands instead of engagement rings. We predict this trend to hit the market because bands are far cheaper than rings, and you must also know that they are easier to sanitize, clean, and even wash, which is the drill these days. So, you can say that this is one of the COVID-19-friendly trends.

Classical styles with modern swirls

New engagement ring styles are indeed available in the market, but these styles are not being purchased lately, and this is because of the lockdown and the situation created by the virus. So, we predict that people will go with the old and classical ring designs that are being tried for many years. Adjusting the old designs with some modern twists can easily win the hearts of couples who are going for virtual/online shopping. So, we think this trend will surely keep going this year as it did in the previous one.

Old European cuts inspired by heirlooms

The heirloom-inspired designs of engagement rings are the next prediction in this list. We are so sure about this trend because these kinds of rings connect to modern and vintage love stories and are among the greatest sources of creating new family legacies and relationships. These kinds of rings would bring closeness in these pandemic times.

Petite side stones

You might have heard a lot about the three stoned rings, and there is no doubt that those rings are a delicate choice, but at the same time, you must know that petite side stoned rings would be the new trend in the market in the upcoming days. Petite side stoned rings are getting more popular among couples, and this is only because they are modern, precise, and delicate if you compare them to three stoned rings. This add of flavor is what we expect in 2021.


You might have seen these rings in the past. This is one of the most accepted ring styles, and we predict that it will be seen this year. This ring has a center stone guarded by four corners which gives it the name. This ring is simple in its design and quality, and so you should not worry about purchasing it from an online jeweler.


Emerald engagement rings have also been trendy in the past years. We predict that we would see this trend bounce back in 2021. Diamonds are getting expensive every turning day, and there are only a few people who can buy diamond engagement rings in 2021. The most common and popular alternative to diamond is emerald, and so we suggest that this classical and timeless stone would hit the market again.

Yellow Gold rings

Yellow gold rings are preferred to be in white gold or platinum. But in our opinion, the trend would surely change this year, and yellow gold rings would be preferred the most. This is that yellow gold, which is the original gold color, doesn’t fade away like white gold. Moreover, this kind of ring can also be used as a piece of everyday jewelry to compliment all outfits. To get more ideas about engagement rings and their purchase, we would recommend you stay subscribed. We hope that you would find these amazing ideas/trends helpful in making a purchase.

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