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The threat of plagiarism is always there. It is a serious problem online that anyone can copy your text or give you copied text. This plagiarized content is highly harmful to your SEO. Search engine penalizes those sites which have copied content. It is a fact that your websites are developed with hard work. SEO professionals work on the website by devoting their time and energy to create original content. The consequences of plagiarism can be legal, ethical, and professional. You may lose your clients because of the copied content.

How to prevent your content from plagiarism?

With the help of the plagiarism detection tool, you can check your content whether is original or not. It is important to choose a reliable tool that can give you 100% accurate results. Duplichecker is one of the tools that are the best plagiarism checker for all the users both for students and professional writers. It is most successful at detecting plagiarism. Moreover, users can get a plagiarism report that includes a list of sources and a clear percentage that have similarities with a document. Learn more about its features in the below text.

A reliable plagiarism checker is an ultimate way to check your text for red flags that describes plagiarism. You need an easy-to-use tool that can be a good option for those who are highly concerned about their academic tasks and research work. It offers several other features like a broad range of database that contains periodicals and books. You cannot go for manual checking since it is a time-consuming and hectic task. You cannot check line by line if you have lengthy content to inspect. Save your time and money by using a trustworthy and efficient tool. No doubt, it is at your ease.

About Duplichecker

It is an online plagiarism checker with URL, copy and paste functionality. The tool offers the ability to check text for duplication by uploading a .txt or .doc file as well as via copy and paste in the given box. A user can upload 1,000 words of content per search. It is an easy way to learn about the copied text in your business article.

The tool is 100% free to use and can be a perfect choice for users who have to check unlimited documents daily. Due to the ability to quickly upload text in a variety of formats, it will not take much of your time. You will get quick and accurate results in few seconds. Moreover, it comes with a good rate of plagiarism detection that makes the tool stand out.

Duplichecker is a user-friendly tool that no one needs to go for training. Students, business owners, content writing agencies, and other content marketers can access this tool to check their unlimited content one by one. We all know that checking for copied text is all about the content’s originality. With the use of this tool, a user can check the content and make it unique easily. Moreover, it is ideal for all the SEO professionals and they can prevent their site from de-indexing since search engine de-indexes the sites whether it finds any duplication.


  • Copy and Paste
  • 1000 words per search
  • 100% free
  • URL check
  • .rtf, .pdf, .odt, .docx, .txt, .tex file upload
  • 100% detection rate

Pro Features 

  • Solid customer support
  • No ads
  • Unlimited searches 24/7
  • User-friendly tool
  • Comes with an easy-to-understand interface

How does it work?

Do you need a free plagiarism checker that is accurate too? Of course, every user looks for it. Duplichecker analyses the content on the following steps.

  • Lexical frequencies
  • Word-choice
  • Matching phrases

You can check your text by clicking on the check plagiarism button. It will start checking and you will get the report. Learn more about its features and checking process in the below lines.

Deep Scanning

Using this tool for plagiarism checking can be a wise decision because its scanner dives into the millions of websites online to find the exact matches against your texts. Its deep scanning feature checks the articles, research papers, websites, and documents thoroughly to reveal accurate results. Every user needs 100% accuracy and reliability when they check copied test.

We all know that if a student, a writer, or a journalist is found plagiarizing, he could have to pay monetary penalties. It can be harmful to his reputation and prestige. Therefore, you must need a reliable tool to check plagiarism.

Offers guaranteed privacy

It is a fact that everyone is concerned about the security and privacy of the content. Duplichecker cares about your privacy and gives you a guarantee that your content will be removed immediately from the database of the checker after scanning it. The tool contains the largest database of all sources and is capable of finding more duplications but it removes the content once it is scanned. Therefore, you will not get the same results again and again. However, it contains millions of publications and billions of web sources.

Writing enhancement

There can be more on your to-do-list, after checking the copied texts. This software offers more and more features to all its users. On this tool, you can check grammar and duplication here. You need this tool because you have to provide or publish error-free content. Any piece of writing that contains several mistakes and grammar errors, as well as copied text, can be rejected. Therefore, you must check the quality of the content. Duplichecker is the software that can help you provide high-quality content since it can detect more plagiarized texts as compared to the other tools.

Supports multiple formats

There are several options to upload content on the free plagiarism checker. You paste simply the content in the text area or upload a document from your cloud storage or device. Not only word document, it is supports different other formats too and these options are .rtf, .pdf, .odt, .docx, .txt, .tex file upload.

Duplichecker gives a clear report and all the data that you require for accuracy. Get the plagiarism report in percentage, color-coded copy, and list of sources with the high-lighted areas. In this way, you find it easy and simple to make your content free of plagiarism. Due to the easy-to-use interface, you will find it easy to understand.

AI-Based Technology

The tool is designed by using AI or intelligence technology. It catches all types of plagiarism. Even, if your writer has paraphrased the content, this detects those texts and it gives instant identify the duplication.

The tool is efficient for detecting not only exact copied texts but also patchwork plagiarism. In this way, it gives accuracy. Moreover, technology comes with the options available to ignore the properly quoted texts and bibliography. In this way, you can get 100% perfect and original content to publish.

Highlights Duplication

After running the plagiarism test, users will get the results in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner. This software uses a color-coding scheme to identify the unique and duplicate content. The copied sentences are marked in Pink. It checks for duplication against online books and internet sources.

Supports different languages

It is used across the globe as it is famous for its dynamic features. Therefore, it supports more than one language. You can check your plagiarism in a variety of languages like Arabic, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and others.


  • Gives unlimited and free searches online
  • Gives a link to the sources
  • 100% accurate results in just a click
  • Comes with a simple interface
  • Free of charge for all the users
  • Supports several document formats
  • Supports different languages


  • 1000 words limitation per search


This tool is designed with AI intelligence to assist users to detect plagiarism in their content. For the majority of the users, this is the best tool because it comes with a good interface and does not need any registration. You can easily access it on its official link and start checking your unlimited texts. All its results are accurate and it gives privacy to all its users. Moreover, the tool is used world-wide, therefore, it supports a variety of languages and file formats. On the whole, we can say, it is an ultimate option for people who are looking for a reliable, efficient, quick, and accurate tool for checking plagiarism.

It is ideal for students, freelancers, and writers to check the similarities of their content. In this way, a writer can send 100% unique content to his client. Now, as a client or an SEO professional, you will have peace of mind, that you are getting 100% perfect content.

Final Verdict

As a free plagiarism checker, it is an integral means to make your content perfect. It offers a wonderful detection rate as compared to the other plagiarism tools available online. Do not need to waste your time and energy in the presence of the duplichecker. It helps you in many ways. Using this tool is as simple as sipping a cup of coffee. You can check plenty of documents by holding a cup of coffee. The plagiarism checker of is highly exclusive because it scans the documents and gives the most accurate result. You will find the plagiarized content real fast. Allow your writing team to use this tool to remove their plagiarism and create unique and high-quality content.

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