Best Pakistani Dramas You Shouldn’t Skip in 2021

best pakistani dramas

Today, TV reaches a great many people, much more than movies. And now it has gone a whole different platform for material posted over the internet. And when the modern generation is introduced to viewing these serials on YouTube and social media, including some other platforms, it is far more than enthusiastic about success tales and flagrantly dismissive of poor ideas.

However, the Pakistani television industry has been relatively recent, both in success and in great content. These dramas capture the audience’s interest, internationally, in style carefully adopted by the West and in a particular storyline. There is no dragging in these dramas; there is very little background music, and, well, the vocabulary is only poetry. But if you are searching for a decent TV, get online instead of watching these series.

We have focused on this and created an impressive number of dramas series in the year 2020. We now have a selection of the best Pakistani dramas to watch in 2021.

The ensemble of these dramas, their background, and their hypocritical teasers make this a full set, which will raise your excitement and involvement in these series that ultimately lead the Pakistani television industry to succeed. Let’s figure out what we’ve got in the 2021 drama list. You’re viewing this season!

  1. Raqs e Bismil
  2. Dunk
  3. Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3
  4. Pehli Si Muhabbat
  5. Be Adab
  6. Raqeeb Sa

Raqs E Bismil

In 2021, the drama Raqs e bismil, which is already broadcasting on TV, is a strong start for all the dramas coming this season. While the roster for the first quarter is very impressive, with its star-playing and fascinating storyline, Raqs-e-Bismil has produced the most entertaining catastrophe (Dance of the Wounded). Most dramatic events seldom measure up to their hypothesis. Raqs-e-Bismil was, therefore, a pleasant exception to the typical dramas in the industry, which had ultimately caused the loss of interest of all the audience sitting around their television screens.

Story Plot:

The drama is about Moosa’s lives (Imran Ashraf) and Zohra (Sarah Khan). The history of Rauf’s film always shines since the theater is particularly filmed. Not just the prose but even the sharp direction and cinematography allow the drama to stand out. Nida Mumtaz, who always plays the vindictive mother figure in Pakistani drama, is pleased to see her character as Anna Ji. Javeria Abbasi, Sakina’s mom, showcases her range as she performs for the first time the part of an old lady. Mehmood Aslam plays Moosa and Issa’s dad, another flexible roster performer. His appearance in certain scenes causes the auditorium to tremble with terror when portraying a noble lineage’s offspring. Gul-e-Rana is another leading actress, able to play her part, and she is a pain to see. The chance to play a more optimistic role has been offered to Nida Momtaz. This is one of the best Pakistani dramas is directed by Wajahat Rau f and is rated B+. The theatre recommends it for mature audiences.


Dunk’s drama is difficult to criticize in the same way that other plays are due to the debate held there, particularly in social media. The Dunk’ is led by the stars Bilal Abbas Khan, Sana Javed, Naumaan Ejaz, Yasra Rizvi, Shahood Alvi, Fahad Shaikh, Laila Wasti, Salma Hassan and Tara Mahmood, and by Badar Mehmood (of ‘The Bala’ and ‘The Sheekh’ fame).

Story Plot:

That increases the degree of unrest that Amal Humayun’s allegations generated (Javed). Abbas is a foolishly arrogant young man who thinks that he loves and dares to challenge his woman to stand for justice. Discontent spreads through campus and media, triggering a swift dismissal.

The characters’ acts determine the plot. Until now, pedestrians were still holding on both sides of the walkway and now the storefront. We have already shown that the professor is innocent, but only when the accuser reveals the facts.

After a misunderstanding situation when one person understands the details, everybody stays puzzled.

“Acting on stage” goes above anything we’ve seen in the past even though both Javed and Abbas were criticized for taking on their respective positions in “Ruswa and Cheek” Although the story is told in two ways, the personalities of the two characters would be more fun to watch. Yasra believes her husband is truthful to the point of naivety. Her star-struck leading lady is another thing to keep in mind. However, all considering, everything can be kept under wraps instead of revealed. The story keeps the listener interested because of its exclusive material and presentation.

Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3

Khuda Aur Mohabbat is one of the best-known viewers’ love drama shows. Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 will love this year, and fans are also optimistic. Feroze Khan and Iqra Aziz are key players in this drama. Geo Entertainment’s drama is on-air.

Khuda Aur Mohabbat’s third portion is Abdullah Kadwany and Asad Qureshi’s production, directed by Wajahat Hussain and written by Hashim Nadeem. Feroze will play a lower-middle-class youth who falls in love. This love tale is said to fall between faith and romance.

Tasawuf, often called religion, encompasses this central concept of drama and plot. Knowing the combination of Allah’s love and loving his people are the major differences; you don’t need to miss this.

Story Plot:

Farhad (Feroze Khan) was detailed in the first episode. He belongs to a small but has high expectations and goals. So far, he hasn’t understood his existence’s objective and has a vague hope of making it high. But his child, Farhad, is the ideal son and more rewarded by fulfilling his father’s wishes as he has a close friendship with his father. Farhad’s dad, Taufeeq (Waseem Abbas), is an office assistant; his girlfriend, Surraiya Bibi (Asma Abbas), is a housewife, and his brother, Sajjad (Fawad Jalal), is a civil officer. Farhad failed to end B.A. This year he seemed to flunk again!

Mahi’s wealthy past, Iqra Aziz. She’s coming for Rida (Meherbano), her best friend’s reception, to Lahore. She was backed by Mahi’s lawyer Sahiba (Sunita Marshall). Mahi’s dad, Kazim Shah, lives and operates his business in Bhawalpur. To date, Mahi seems to have had a smooth childhood, and she’s been so well-pampered to the extent where she likes to track anything and is authoritative because she’s the youngest of the whole house.

Taimoor Shah (Mirza Zain Baig) is also from a wealthy background who saw mahi and had already fallen in love with her asking his mother to ask mahis hand from her parents. He’s a feudal lord; he’s been seen by his brother Sikandar (Junaid Khan). However, Taimoor looks at life metaphysically, and his experience with a dervish (Noor ul Hassan) is most interesting charachter in this whole drama series responsible for diverting many characters in this drama to the divines spirtuaility and changing their world completely.

Pehli Si Muhabbat

This TV series often has several major stars. This is why it became one of the best dramas in Pakistan in 2021. Faiza Iftikhar is known for its dramas, such as Aunn Zara and Shayyad and Dil Lagi. The advertisements released in this serial suggest that this would also be a rather romantic novel. Also, Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar would be the secret to the success of this drama. The popular Pakistani designer Hassan Shehryar alias HSY will make his debut in this series as well.

Story Plot:

Faiza Iftikhar writes under Anjum Shehzad’s leadership IDream Entertainment made. The ARY Digital serial is on air. The show is cast by sound, well-known actors who returned to the industry and came on screen after a big wait from viewers. Maya Ali and Sheheryar Munawar in the lead roles are the most fantasizing love tale. All will be interested in watching cute love stories after a long time of pure stereotypical plots as soon as their teasers make way for social media.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin alias HSY made his debut in the series. Maya has always proven herself to be a bright actress, and in every sense, this teaser shows her fine. Such a great actor was also Sheheryar Munawar, and this teaser is enough for evidence. At ARY Digital, the drama will go on-air.

The tale about the drama of Pehli Si Mohabbat would be romantic and emotional. It also has several social issues, and highlights which show the mindset of our society and how they deal with these common problems almost faced b yeveryone in this era.

Be Adab

As a beginning point to the normal past of romance and matrimony, a history from a new angle is HUM TV’s current offering. Be Adab (Disrespect) in modern Islamabad vowed to introduce an emotional ensemble to the public. However, we have a sensation in three episodes: impatience. Imam Hasan wrote the drama and directed Shehzad Kashmiri; the play teasers offered a special solution to family conflict and parental and child ties. But to date, there have been just a few strife sightings and a badly constructed subplot of domestic abuse involving parents and children.

Story Plot:

Be Adab’s drama tale is dramatic and illustrates the significance of our blood ties in our lives. Hajra Yamin and Momin Saqib play lead roles. Their performance is excellent in this serial. Momin Saqib’s first drama and proved his amazing acting abilities in this film.

Sania Saeed plays Momin Saqib’s mother, whose greedy sons face problems in her old age. Her kids don’t worry about their mother’s thoughts and feelings. Drama writer highlights parents’ troubles in our community are owing to disobedient youngsters. This drama is our young generation’s lesson. Must watch with family and friends.

It’s about Sania and Ashaaad’s lives. For many years, both were happily married and raised two of their three boys, who chose to take their directions rather than pursue their father’s. The third son, Momin Saqib, is faithful to his mother, who used a wheelchair. In this drama, the overall sincerity of Momin Saqib not being the real born son to Sania and Ashaad but being raised by them is shown by him paying high regard to his parents who bought him up and provided shelter and comfort to life despite those two who were their real sons.

The two sons to Sania and Ashaad played disrespectful children who disowned their parents at their later ages and tried to get all the property, business, and bank balance ownership due to their non-ending greed, ultimately leading them to failure.

Raqeeb Sa

Dram review doesn’t open up these days with praise to the poet, but without mentioning Bee Gul, one can’t speak about “Raqeeb Se.” No more enticing premiere of a Pakistani drama in recent years and the enthusiasm around it seems like a call-back to the great classics. This drama makes sense because to see it was like seeing poetry at work is named after a popular poem of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. There is something really tough to find pessimistic about this tragedy.

Story Plot:

This is a story about Kashif Nisar and Gul that is led by Gul’s longtime associate Kashif. Maqsood’s family (Nouman Ijaz). Before Sakina knocked on his threshold, he had overlooked his tragic history. Sania is a role played by Hajra Begum, Ameer’s wife and Iqra’s daughter.

The story continues well; the audience knows, but not the outcome. The drama starts in the middle of the night as the book breaks the norm. Without adding excessive detail, the two characters meet. As the plot continues, it compares the protagonists with filler scenes that allow the graphics to come to the fore.

Nouman Hussain has earned my praise no matter what he does. The characters were dubbed ‘Raqib Se’ on the same day. Maqsood demonstrates the versatility and play a role of supportive men in society whi willingly stand with women despite there affiliations in every situation they had to face.

Though women are crucial to this thriller, When Sania is powerful, she becomes Hajra Begum. Her first love has provided her protection. Saeed is opposite to Ijaz in that, in that respect, Fascinating actress; though young, she has remained versatile.

She shined this year. Nobody can note that this is her first dramatic role. She became an extension of Sakina, revealing several aspects to her persona that added importance to Saeed’s plot. Hadiqa has customers enthralled with the story to see what will happen next, to be shown.

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