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Here you can find all types of interesting games related to all categories such as fighting, shooting, horror, and adventure, etc. you can download easily and comment as well. On the website, we guide you and describe games in detail.

For example how to play, characters of the games, and system requirements. You can search any game alphabetically and download it to your pc if you are pretty much interested in playing that game.

The design and graphics of the website are user friendly. You can easily check new games and their versions. If we talk about the interface, you can see categories in the status bar like action, fighting shooting racing, and others.

All categories have different games and every category has its kind of game. Like if you want to see shooting games then click on shooting. No other game and irrelevant games will be there to confuse you. The most important thing is you can download according to your space. Here is an icon of Games Under that represent games of 100 MB to 2GB.

Apunkagames offers to the player to select storage capacity and then download the game. You can search and get according to your demand. Another icon is the Pc game list that has all the games that can run on PC. Some games cannot run on PC that’s why we have a category that helps you to find out PC games. Our website has an FAQ section.

This section helps the new users to find out answers to questions. You can ask new questions as well and also can see all the previous questions and answers. Maybe you will get an answer from the previous session.

How to download games?

If you recently start using a PC and did not download any game before. Do not worry we guide you and help you in downloading. Apunkgames has a complete video tutorial on the official website. You can see how to download and save the game. We also mentioned all steps and instructions in the description box. You can also see there if you are confused.

How to request the game?

Apunkgames has a complete procedure that you can follow to get a new game and the desired game. You can do only one request in one day. First of all, you should search the PC game list then confirm if the game is available or not. Do not request multiplayer games that need an internet connection.

Do not request freeware games. A most important rule does not promote another website on the official game site. In case you promote other sites on the apunkgame platform then you will be banned. Read all the rules carefully then move forward.

How to search for games?

Apunkgames has two kinds of search options. You can search randomly by typing the name of the game. Another way is to search alphabetically. You can search in both ways. It depends on you how you will be easy in finding the desired game.

Miniclip vs Apunkagames

The Miniclip is also an official website for games but it is different from apun ka games. There is no option for alphabetical research. Here is no FQA section for users like apunka games.

You cannot select storage capacity like 100Mb or 2GB which kind of game you want to download. There is no tutorial for downloading the game for new players. The interface of apun ka game is more convenient and user friendly for new players then mini clips. Vs Apunkagames is another official website that offers players to play online games. They cannot download games like apun ka games offers players to download according to the storage capacity. There is no option for alphabetically search like apun ka game has an option to research alphabetically.

This kind of research saves time and shows related researched material immediately. This site just has basic options. Apunkagames has many other options like the FQA section, comments, and download games. only offers the games that are given on the website but in apunka games we can request new games as well. In, Any user cannot request a new game and other versions.

Big Fish vs Apunkagames

Big fish offers some options like where you want to play. Such as on pc, online, or an android device. Apunkagames offers only PC games and You need to download the game before playing.

Apun ka games have a tutorial for new beginners but big fish does not have any tutorial. Some other differences are the FQA section, storage capacity section, and alphabetical research option. All those features are provided by apun ka game but big fish does not have these options.

Kongregate vs Apunkagames

You need to create an account for playing the game on Kongregate. But apun ka games does not need an account for playing. If you have an account then you can get all the content free of cost.

Apun ka game is user friendly and easy to understand for new players. Kongregate does not have a tutorial for new players because it only offers an online playing option. You cannot download the game.

MSN Games vs Apunkagames

MSN offers some games free of cost but if you want to play other games then you have to pay. In apun ka games you only have free games that you can download and play later. No internet connection is required for playing the games.

Pogo vs Apunkagames

On Pogo all the versions of the games are not free to play. You have to pay for some games. But on apun ka games has a different scenario. There is the only option for downloading the games. You cannot play online games on apun ka game. But other features are designed to support all types of players from beginners to expert players.

Armor games vs Apunkagames

First of all, you need to create an account for playing the game on armor games. On the other hand, apun ka games does not need an account. Users can directly download the game.

FQA and tutorial for downloading the game in apunka games are additional options. Every site does not offer such kinds of options. Apun ka game is more convenient to use for all the players.

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