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AllGamesAtoZ is a platform that provides almost all the popular and top-rated games at one spot. Anyone can play free online games and also can download his favorite games free of cost. Here you can find all types of games like action games, arcades, and real-time strategy.

All new and old games are available on this platform. You can find out your favorite games with a single click on your screen. There are many options for ease of use so he can select his favorite games without wasting time on the undesired material.

All Games AtoZ offers games for all basic platforms like Linux games, Mac games, and Pc Games. You can click on any option to check the list of the games that can be played on the specific platform. If you want to play Linux games then click on Linux Games A to Z and look at the list.

If you want to play Pc Games then click on it and check out all the desired games and their versions are already on the list. You can also check out all the popular games of the year. All Games A to Z includes games related to all the genre.

For example, you can find out first-person shooter games, third-person shooter games, and simulation games as well. Some games can be played without any cost and registration but some games need just registration and do not need any cost to play the game.

If you want to play the game without any trouble then look at this platform who provide you all the facility of playing free games with best graphic results and high speed.

Some websites offer illegal ways of downloading the game. Be careful and always choose the right platform rather than choosing the wrong way for getting free stuff. We have a variety of games for everyone. You just need to visit All Games A to Z and check out the list of games. I hope you will find something interesting according to your taste. All GamesAtoZ has many features that are listed below


AllGamesAtoZ support multiple platforms that are listed below.

  • Pc
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • IoS
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Android
  • Amiga
  • Browser


  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • First-person shooter
  • Platform
  • Simulation
  • Real-time strategy
  • Turn-based strategy
  • Action role-playing
  • Roguelike

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Free Games A to Z

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Features and specifications

You can search for any game by typing the name in the search bar. Wait for a moment and get your desired results in few seconds. It saves your time and you do not have to wait for several minutes for a specific game. You can get desired game in less time rather than checking the complete list of the game. AllGamesAtoZ has a feature of registration for every new user.

You need your name, email address, and password for registration and nothing else. You can log in and log out of your user account according to your need. AllGamesAtoZ provides free online and offline games for everyone all around the world.

You can get All types of games including Linux, Mac, and Pc games. AllGamesAtoZ has something for everyone who wants to enjoy the game either he is a Mac user or wants to play a game on Linux.

All GamesAtoZ is user-friendly and has an eye-catching interface that is a sign of comfort and relief for users who want to spend their time playing video games and takes a break from the hectic work routine of the day.

The most favorable option on this platform is searching for new games by writing keywords in the search bar. Here you can find all the games that either start from the alphabet A or Z. The other major advantage of this platform is there is a huge variety of games for Mac, Linux, and Pc users.

You do not need to move on to the other website if you want different games related to different genres and platforms. Almost all the top-ranking games can find out here. The competition is tough between allGamesatoz and other sites that are providing the same services

The competitors of AllGamesAtoZ are listed below

  • No-Steam
  • Apunkagames
  • Mega Games
  • Gamer Sky
  • Skidrow Games
  • Ova Games
  • Pc Games Torrents
  • Crack Watch
  • IGG Games
  • Ocean Of Games

AllGamesAtoZ vs other platforms

Ocean of Games works similar to All GamesAtoZ but if you analyze how many people visit more websites daily and what is the most convenient and user-friendly site then you will see the maximum vote will be for All GamesAtoZ. Ocean of Games has a decent and simple interface that does not attract peoples and looks boring.

When they open All GamesAtoZ they got attraction from the attractive interface and feel relax and take cool to breathe before playing the game. Ocean of games also has a variety of games but you have to consume much time on finding new and latest games. As you know All GamesAtoZ has a separate option for the latest games and previous games.

 Here you have to face terms and conditions but if you log in to All GamesAtoZ you did not face any conditions except registration that may be necessary for you if you want to play a game online or want to download the game for playing offline.

On the other hand, the ocean of games only provides links for downloading the game and works as a third-party platform that connects you to the direct link of the game. This site only provides games that can be played on Pc. All GamesAtoZ provides all kinds of games that can be played on Pc, Mac, and Linux.

Many other websites are providing the same services as All GamesAtoZ for example ocean of games, mega games, Apunkagames, and so on. The top-rated websites include 247 Games, Addicting Games, Armor Games, Big Fish Games, and Free Online Games.

 But every site has some different rules, working criteria, and also have different terms and conditions that should be fulfilled from the player side before starting the game. Some websites ask for registration before downloading the game and sometimes you have to register yourself before playing the game. All GamesAtoZ has a wide range of options so you can easily find out and play the game without wasting time on idle tasks. It provides fast results, well-managed video graphics, and speed.

 All GamesAtoZ is the most popular platform of games. All the players like kids to youngsters can get services from this platform.

When it comes to online gaming, you don’t need the most up-to-date console or titles to have a good time. In reality, your browser on your phone, computer, or tablet will access hundreds of thousands of free games. All GamesAtoZ has a feature of showing you the latest games that are being popular and played among the players.

You just need to login to the website and check the list of the games. In this way, you do not need to remember the specific keyword and title of the game if you want to play or download the latest version of the game. This feature has changed our lives and bring comfort to us. Now we can easily find out what is going on trending in the world of games. The other thing that most people face is advertisement while they are playing the game.

All the players want to play online game that is free of advertisement and all the idle stuff. If they get advertisements while playing the game, they can not focus on the mission and get distracted from their goal. This is the only thing that irritates the professional players.

AllGamesAtoZ is a broad website for PC, Linux, and Mac gamers looking to download games. It is a competitor to IGG Games, and it provides all of the same resources along with some new tools and features.

The platform also contains short posts on the most recent games, which separates it from the competition. All of the games on this site are divided into different groups, that each has its collection of games that you can freely play and download.

 There’s also an advanced search box where you can only type in the game’s title, genre, or another specific tag. It displays all of the results in a couple of minutes, and you have complete freedom to select any of them. The site’s interface of Allgamesatoz is very impressive, and it has a growing community of gamers who share their knowledge with beginners daily.

The Regular updates, large databases to explore, more than 10 genres to explore, and much more are among the key features of the AllGamesAtoZ made the platform most popular among the players.

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